2024 International Conference on Materials Physics and Composites (ICMPC 2024)

Technical Program Committee Chair

Technical Program Committee Chair 


Prof. Abdelmoumen Anis Bousahla

University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria


With over 108 research papers and an impressive h-index of 63, Prof. Abdelmoumen Anis Bousahla's research endeavors primarily revolve around the multi-scale analysis modeling, encompassing micro, macro, and nano scales, to address the instability challenges in advanced materials structures. His focal points include materials like Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs), Graphene, Composite materials, among others. His research is rooted in fundamental problems with broad applications in mechanics and advanced engineering. Utilizing and advancing analytical approaches, Prof. Abdelmoumen tackles structural instability issues in advanced materials and forecast static and dynamic behaviors under diverse stresses such as mechanical, hygrothermal, thermal, and wave propagation. Collaborations with researchers from engineering and physics have been integral to his work, serving as sources of intriguing problems and real-world applications. Their research aims to develop numerical engineering and mathematical models for the analytical resolution of physical and mechanical phenomena in advanced materials structures at different scales. In the long term, he aspires to streamline mechanical and scientific calculations for industry, addressing issues of dimensioning, optimization, and multi-physical phenomena analysis. Linear and non-linear analysis, finite element calculations, and established numerical simulation methods are pivotal in anticipating part and structure behaviors, ultimately enhancing the performance-to-cost ratio and substantially reducing prototyping and testing expenses. Additionally, they are actively engaged in developing artificial intelligence tools to predict the behavior of these structures, and he is keen on collaborating with fellow researchers to continually enhance his skills, explore alternative approaches, perspectives, and delve into diverse research realms.